Sincerely, Sticks Lazy Susan St Augustine Collage

By Sticks

Sincerely, Sticks is a signature line of Stick art print. Every Sincerely, Sticks is artisan printed, pulling designs directly from handmade originals. Manufactured in an award winning studio in Des Moines, IA, these printed products reflect the recognizable aesthetic of Sticks handmade originals, but at a lower price point. Sincerely, Sticks brings accessible design without sacrificing quality while continually adding new designs and products in an ever evolving catalog.

Here's a rundown of our process on how they create Sincerely, Sticks products:

Sticks make a handmade original piece in the style you've all come to know and love. It's wood burned and hand painteso you can feel the etched lines and see every brush stroke.

Then Sticks takes a high resolution photograph of that handmade Sticks piece.

That photograph is digitally touched up and sent to a printer Sticks has in-house in their Des Moines, Iowa studio.

The wooden pieces are fed through the printer as it lays printer ink directly onto the surface of the wood.

They are sprayed with several coats of the same protective polyurethane that's used on handmade Sticks products to assure it's just as durable.

Since they have pulled designs from handmade Sticks originals, it looks the same but without the artistic labor involved. You won't feel the etched lines up close but if you take a couple of steps back you won't even notice. The paint strokes and wood grain you see is actually ink!

Sincerely, Sticks St Augustine Collage Lazy Susan.  An Artsy Abode exclusive design.  This lazy susan is inspired by the sites of St Augustine including the Lighthouse, Lightner Museum, Castillo de san Marcos, Turtles and Sunsets.

Pass the pepper please! It's never been so easy as with a Lazy Susan - that turns family dining into an experience and transforms your current dining table into a work of art. Whether in use or not, with gorgeous colors and great sayings, you can't find a better centerpiece. When not in use, great on a coffee table or even hung on a wall (made with hanging hole on back). And yes, you can absolutely use these!

Clean with soap and water.

Size = 18 inches in diameter.